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NK Chemicals Europe Ltd was formed at the beginning of 1999 in West Yorkshire, UK, initially to develop the sales of lanolin products from NK Chemicals Pte Ltd, Singapore. In the early years the company concentrated on marketing the Singapore lanolin products alongside some downstream lanolin derivatives which were toll produced in Europe. This was successfully achieved via a network of distributors across the key markets in the Western Hemisphere.

In 2003 the company started to augment the lanolin range with additional personal care products from other manufacturers. By 2004 this move into UK distribution resulted in relocation to a brand new, custom built office / warehouse unit in Grange Moor, Wakefield from which the company currently operates. During the interim years the management of NKC Europe have expanded the UK distribution business by working with a number of carefully selected manufacturers.

In December 2010 NKC Europe became an independent UK owned operation after the overseas interest was purchased back by the company. From that time lanolin and lanolin derivatives continued to form an important part of the business but the base products were no longer sourced from the Singapore facility. Today, NKC Europe works with a number of approved lanolin suppliers and personal care raw materials producers which include natural oils, cosmetic esters, speciality surfactants, fatty alcohols, conditioning polymers, hydrocarbon oils, vegetable based emulsifiers and olive-derived products.